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Hello Brendan [Potocki],

I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort on J’s behalf. He has been ranked #8 (an impressive ranking) out of 65, for hire in the town for the police department. Thanks again.

S.B. (Greenwich, CT)

Our family has had great experiences with all of the top notch and caring tutors we have worked with over the past five years! All Carnegie Pollak associates are excellent, and we have recommended your services to many other families in Darien and will continue to do so.

We know that we are in good hands with any tutor from Carnegie Pollak.

F.D. (Darien, CT)

After tutoring with you, she was able to raise her ACT by one point, to a 31. That score got her into a pool of students at the U of Miami eligible for scholarships. After a rigorous weekend in Miami, she was selected for a full tuition scholarship. The power of one point!!! Thanks to your help and her incredible determination she will be going to college for free. Thanks so much!!

J.B. (Monroe, CT)

Based on your recommendations a few months back we interviewed a few tutors as well as a few from other sources, and after careful consideration both my daughter and I felt Boyi Li was the best fit. I knew the minute I met her that her quiet confidence would be an inspiration to my daughter. Boyi has worked with D since October, and has also tutored my son as well, and both the kids have tremendous admiration for her. She is a pleasure to work with and easy to follow up with; which is not a strong suit for others we have met. I knew Boyi would be able to help D be her best on test day. I am proud to say that with Boyi’s help tutoring and the confidence that she help inspire in my daughter, she scored a perfect 36! Needless to say this will have a lasting impact on my daughter life forever, and we are grateful to you for introducing us to Boyi. Thanks.

K.F. (Armonk, NY)

Dear Lynn-

Thank you so much for connecting us with Helena Martin. With Helena’s guidance, our daughter’s SSAT scores skyrocketed. Helena’s lovely demeanor, knowledge and efficiency contributed to a truly pleasant and invaluable tutoring endeavor. Our daughter loved working with Helena and we all coveted her thoroughness and expertise. We highly recommend Helena and are hoping to have her guidance for our son when the time comes for the SSAT and again for our daughter for the SAT. Simply stated, Helena Martin is a jewel and we have no doubt that your other tutors are as well. We are grateful for the recommendation and so thankful that we reached out to you.

L.R. (Greenwich,CT)

Amanda [Rodrigues] was an absolutely phenomenal tutor. I sent her my personal statement for medical school and almost immediately received her comments and suggestions. I also utilized her facetime sessions, which were extremely helpful in assisting both Amanda and I to maintain my voice throughout essay, while also capturing exactly what I was trying to portray through my story. She was also very reliable, timely, and was always available via email. Amanda helped me transform a very good essay into an even better piece with a compelling story, an emotional appeal, and a very, VERY strong argument.

I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wishes to make even the best essay better, more compelling, and competitive. She is fantastic and clearly extremely proficient at what she does. I can say, without reservation, that my personal statement and application are significantly stronger after Amanda’s assistance.

D.H. (NY)

My daughter very much enjoyed her sessions with Mitch [Barrows] and found his coaching and tips extremely helpful. She increased her score 5 points over her first ACT. I would highly recommend Mitch to other families.

Best regards,
A.B. (Greenwich, CT)

Hi [Jennifer Brown],

P’s composite score was 36!

Thank you so much for your incredible hard work and efforts. All those winter nights coming up from the city and working with him. We are so appreciative to have your expertise on our side. P knows how excitable I am, so it took him seven hours to tell me! (He’s very humble.) You were also always available to accommodate me and my hectic family schedule.

All the best to you!!!!

C.L. (Rye, NY)

Hi Lynn,

My name is S. and I’m a senior at Greenwich High School. I worked with one of your tutors Jesse Bass over the summer and into the fall for the September ACT. I just wanted to let you know that after working with him my score increased from a 31 to a 34! We had focused on science and math, and my science score went from a 28 to a 35. Just wanted to thank you for your all you do and say how amazing your tutors are!

S.C. (Greenwich, CT)

I could not be more thankful that Carly Slater was my tutor in preparation for the Biology Subject Test! Her very thorough understanding of the material, excellent notes, calm demeanor, and positive attitude helped me to achieve a score that I am proud of. Additionally, Carly is extremely organized and always made it easy to get in touch with her! She undoubtedly has a knack for the subject and a deep understanding of the methodology behind taking the exam. I highly recommend her!

D.M. (Greenwich, CT)

Hi Dylan [Marshall],

I just wanted to thank you and give you well deserved praise for all of your excellent tutorial assistance. I am certain that whatever the outcome is on the tests, it will be greatly enhanced by your efforts. Furthermore, J. says he is “excited” to take the test! That says it all. It is clear that you not only possess strong expertise in the field, but also the unique ability to personalize the material for J., honing in on exactly what he needed and you covered it effectively, engagingly, efficiently, and with an infectious passion.

Furthermore, we do not know where you get your energy! I know you have a hectic schedule and many clients to tutor, yet you kindly traveled from afar and made time for us. How can we ever thank you enough? We are also immensely grateful to Lynn for the introduction. You should know she spoke so highly of you, and she was spot on.

D.K. (Weston, CT)

Hi Lynn,

I can’t say enough good things about Connor Martin. He worked with my son on the SAT, ACT, AP U.S. History and AP English. We just keep going with him because we were so pleased with the results. He was available and was able to work around our busy schedule. Could not ask for anything more.

B.G. (New Canaan, CT)

Lynn – just wanted you to know that Chris [Benedict] did a great job with C this spring. A 32 on his first try, a big improvement from his practice test earlier in the fall. Also, he did a great job accommodating our very fluid schedule. Thanks for all the help.

D.S. (Darien, CT)

My son worked with Nitin Chopra this year to prepare for the AP exam and Subject test in Comp Sci A. Nitin so inspired my son that he is now seeking to major in Comp Sci at college and he just scored a 5 on his AP exam thanks to Nitin’s patient and caring manner.

Thanks to Lynn and all her tutors my children have excelled in their schoolwork and standardized testing.

M.H. (Greenwich, CT)

Hi John [Naughton],

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with US History this last semester!! I know the timings were so weird because I’m in Singapore, so it really means a lot that you took the time to Skype early in the morning. I also wanted to let you know that I got a 780 on the SAT II and a 5 on the AP! Thank you again!!

H.W. (Singapore)

Dylan [Marshall] was the perfect match for my son, E. When one approach to a problem did not work, Dylan would explain the problem in a different way that would connect for E. Dylan also provided time saving tricks and study guides to highlight the most important formulas necessary for the test. Dylan’s easy-going nature and perseverance clearly helped E achieve a 35 on the ACT. I am definitely going to have Dylan work with our younger son when it’s his turn to study for the ACT or SAT.

M.K. (Greenwich, CT)

My daughter worked with Pam Boynton this spring to prepare for the ACT. With each test C’s score improved, finally ending with a 34.

Pam is an excellent tutor, she has a calming presence which allowed C learn the techniques and gain confidence. It’s a very stressful time for HS Juniors and Pam works with them in an excellent way instilling confidence and wisdom

Pam gave great suggestions, feedback. was prompt and communicative about scheduling. C plans on working with Pam on her college essay.

I recommend Pam highly.

Kind regards,
K.R. (Westport, CT)

Dear Lynn,

Thanks very much for putting our family in touch with Pam Boyton. She has been a writing tutor for my son since January. She was wonderful, and his writing improved a great deal under her guidance. She worked with him on citations, outlines, close reading and grammar. She also assisted him with his Senior capstone project for his literature class by guiding him through all of the stages of the writing process starting with brainstorming and ending with his polished presentation. Pam truly went above and beyond. She spent considerable time preparing for their sessions before she came. Every time she came for a session, she left him with materials that he can utilize in the future when he tackles college writing assignments.

We felt very lucky that he had the opportunity to work with Pam. Thanks again for referring her.

L.G. (Armonk, NY)

Hi Lynn,

I wanted to thank you for recommending Caroline Slutsky to us for my son. We are all walking around our house on cloud nine!!! Today his scores were released. We are so proud to tell you that he ended up with a 34. He went up 4 points just by having 5 sessions with Caroline.

After his first session with Caroline we all knew that she was a perfect match for him. My son who is a young man of very few words was eager to tell us how helpful and intelligent she was just after one session!!! She was able to help him master it!!!! He got a 36 in Math. She knew he could do it. She told him that every time they met.
She was able to explain the strategies to him and raise his confidence level by leaps and bounds.

We feel so at easy knowing that this summer Caroline will be assisting with his college essay!

Thank you Caroline for helping him achieve these EXCELLENT RESULTS! Without you this would not have been possible. I truly mean this.

We will continue to recommend Caroline and your program to all!!!

Thanks for everything!

(Somers, NY)

Hi Sam [Wierzbicki]

Thanks to all of your help, my daughter got into all 7 schools she applied to and is going to Taft! We were so lucky to have found you. I don’t think she would be going there without you.

Thanks so much,

L.F. (Rye, NY)

Hi Allison [Waggener],

So nice to hear from you! My daughter is deciding between Lehigh and Bucknell. Both terrific choices, can’t go wrong!!

You were so helpful in this process and I would recommend you to anyone who asks.

Thanks Allison!!

M.H. (Westport, CT)

I would not hesitate to recommend Carnegie Pollak. My son’s composite ACT score improved 5 points from his pre-ACT to his 2nd ACT test. Lynn Carnegie is fantastic and really listens to what her clients need, even if it means changing tutors within her organization to find the best match. My son first took the ACT Blast to see where his areas of weakness were, and Lynn helped match him with great tutors along the way to hone in on his areas of weakness without sacrificing areas of strength.

L.T. (Cos Cob, CT)

Connor Martin was such an excellent tutor for our daughter. His deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to conquer the SAT was undeniable, but what really set him apart was his demeanor and temperament – he helped our daughter master the content but most importantly, gave her such confidence in her ability to take the test. She wasn’t sad when the SAT was over, but she was sad to say goodbye to Connor – his tutoring meant that much to her. Thank you so much for such a positive experience during such a stressful time and for the scores she needed!!

D.M. (Darien, CT)

Dear Mrs. Carnegie,

Thank you so much for setting me up with Lee Oxman for a very solid SAT Session. I learned a bunch of new tricks for mastering the SAT and think that I performed really well on the most recent SAT. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

C.M. (Riverside, CT)


Just want to give a shout out to Jesse Bass as he did an amazing job helping my son W. raise his SAT math score by 100 points!! W. has worked with another math tutor for quite some time and although we really like and trust this tutor, W. was getting frustrated with his math score. Jesse has also worked with our other two children this year to help them navigate BC Calculus and we asked him to spend some time with W. to see if he could help him improve his results.

W. took the make-up SAT in February and he raised his math score from 700 to a perfect 800! We truly feel that it was Jesse that helped him focus and gain confidence to achieve this score. In addition, Jesse has really helped my other son gain confidence in his math abilities over the past few years.

As always, your tutors are very good and an excellent resource for parents and students in this area!


T.W. (Darien, CT)

Hi Lynn,

We would like to thank you again for recommending Amanda Rodrigues for tutoring our daughter. She helped her immensely with her ACT, improving her score by 5 points from her prep ACT, giving her the confidence that she needs. Amanda is an amazing tutor, knowledgeable, friendly, gentle, punctual, overall a pleasure to work with! We highly recommend her!

Thank you,
I.P. (Trumbull, CT)

This note is in praise of Lynn Carnegie, her SAT/SSAT/PSAT tutoring organization Carnegie Pollak, and specifically one of her tutors who recently helped us, Sam Wierzbicki. We have six children, and have worked with Carnegie Pollak and other organizations over 15 years, and have found that – in our family’s experience – no one else comes close, in reliable, cost-effective, friendly, polite, super-competent tutors, with sincere interest in the kids being tutored.

Sam Wierzbicki is very much in this tradition. She is a graduate of Princeton, and a former Princeton women’s varsity soccer star, modest and polite, with a welcoming smile, and understands the subtleties of competitive applications to boarding schools and universities, far beyond SAT/SSAT tutoring. Our recent emergency was that our son had strong SSAT Verbal scores, but weaker Quantitative scores, and no time to spare, with an SSAT exam only weeks away. With Sam’s focused and insightful help, and time flexibility, our time-crunched son completed the exam with an overall SSAT score in the 95th percentile, with Quantitative up ten percentile points, and with a much more competitive balance between Verbal and Quantitative. Every student’s needs will be different, and Lynn Carnegie, and Carnegie Pollak, and Sam Wierzbicki all show the same ability to rapidly adapt SAT/SSAT/PSAT tutoring to each individual student, with kindly encouragement, practicality, cost-effectiveness, and making it all seem almost easy!

M.G. (Greenwich, CT)

Hi Amanda [Rodrigues],

On Monday, K. received a handwritten note from an admissions officer at [a university] – he said her essay was one of most memorable he’s read this year and that it showed “curiosity, intellect and a neat personality as well.” They are flying her out in March to interview for a full tuition scholarship. After slogging through the application process, it has been wonderful for K. to get positive feedback!

Thank you SO MUCH for helping her express the “why” in her common app. essay! She couldn’t have done it without you!


Dear Ms. Carnegie,

I just wanted to thank you for having Dan Bass as one of your tutors. He is an absolutely brilliant Math tutor who is also patient, kind and generous. He has gone above and beyond to help my son understand SAT Math 2. My son has had other Math tutors before, and Dan Bass is definitely the best we have ever encountered, he is in an outstanding league of his own. Dan Bass gave my son tools to help him solve not only math problems, but he taught him to think more logically, which in turn helped him achieve great success on his SAT Math 2 test. We felt so lucky to have him on our team, he even called after the test to see how my son did, which was really great.

This is the second time we have used Carnegie Pollak, and we will definitely be contacting you again in 4 years to get my younger son ready for all his college prep testing!

Thanks again for employing such talented and brilliant tutors!!

H.D. (New Windsor, NY)

Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to send you a quick email about the status of my son’s supplemental essays. Amanda Rodrigues helped him finish up the last ones today. She was amazing, wonderful, sweet, pleasant to work with and most of all an excellent tutor! I cannot thank you & her enough for all of her help with these! His AP English teacher read the Common App Supplement and told his the essay was “excellent!” We are thrilled and thankful these are done! I will recommend her to all my friends and hopefully she will be around when my sophomores are ready to start all this up!

Thanks again!

B.L. (Wilton, CT)

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with H. in finding subject and ACT tutors. And for answering all my desperate, panicked emails and calls! Thank you for your patience and counsel….both are very much appreciated! And I have to say all of the tutors we have worked with over the last few years have been outstanding!!!! You definitely have a skill for finding exceptionally professional and intelligent people. So impressed!

M.M. (Darien, CT)

I want to write to thank you for referring us to Caroline Slutsky to help my daughter with her ISEE preparation. Caroline was very organized – I like how she would go through each topic that required additional help and how she organized the vocabulary learning. Caroline was very professional – not once late and never rushed at the end; she was also very responsive to my request for information on what areas Sarah needed help on, what additional papers to do etc. Most importantly, Caroline engaged well with my daughter and helped her feel very motivated to learn well. I am more than happy with Caroline’s work.

S.F. (Greenwich, CT/Singapore)

James Gussis was absolutely AWESOME for Latin. I can’t say enough good things about him!

G.C. (New Canaan, CT)

Hi Lynn!

Dan [Bass] was fantastic throughout our sessions. Dan genuinely loves the LSAT, was very generous with his time (he gave me 2-plus hours each time despite charging me for only 1.5 hours), and called me multiple times on his own initiative to check in on my preparation progress and practice-exam success. I definitely recommend Dan – the Skype didn’t seem to make any difference, and I greatly appreciated his generosity with his time and his interest in helping me improve.

Dan has an unparalleled level of enthusiasm for helping his students improve.

W.R. (Darien, CT)

I would like to let you know an incredible success story made possible by Carnegie Pollak and Ken Hershey.

Under Ken’s tutelage, my daughter raised her combined SAT score by 300 points. We are thrilled.

In just 5 months, Ken provided the tools and guidance to allow my daughter to score her personal best. We are so grateful to Ken and Carnegie Pollak.

Thank you so much, Lynn and huge kudos to Ken.

J.S. (Larchmont, NY)

My diagnostic test score was well below where I needed to be to get into the colleges I wanted. With Ken Hershey‘s help, I got a 780 in both Critical Reading and Math. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

-N.R. (Rye, NY)

Kyle Nasser was invaluable as my daughter began what would become a very stressful junior year. Rather than adding to that stress, Kyle’s ever-present energy and enthusiasm not only gave my daughter the confidence she needed, but it also alleviated much of her anxiety about standardized testing. There was always laughter to be heard as Kyle taught unique ways to remember difficult words as well as the hidden tricks of the SAT, the understanding of which were vital to the improvement of my daughter’s final score. She ended up with a 2340 and says she could not have done it without Kyle!

Y.E. (Harrison, NY)

Kyle Nasser is an excellent SAT tutor. My son’s success (2310) is due to Kyle’s ability to quickly assess his strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to systematically address any gaps that existed. After a few sessions, my son’s practice scores were already increasing!! Kyle is enthusiastic, dedicated and extremely knowledgable. We look forward to working with Kyle again when my second child is ready to take the ACT/SAT. Thank you Kyle!

P.C. (New Canaan, CT)

Jeff [Wasserman] was a great teacher and I mean really GREAT!!

He loves what he does and is so inspiring!!

H had an excellent session and she really enjoyed working with him! Thank you so much for recommending him.

A.W. (Darien, CT)

Hi Lynn,

I wanted to thank you so much for referring Caroline Slutsky as an SAT Tutor for my daughter Z. After three sessions with Caroline, Z’s scores increased by a total of 230 points, 90 of which were in math alone.

Caroline’s style, knowledge, and motivation are impressive. Not only are her tutoring skills high caliber, but she gave Z the confidence she needed to persist and achieve, sometimes equally as important for these young adults facing school stressors.

Z takes her SAT in just a few weeks and she is excited. A parent’s dream. So thank you and thank Caroline.

All my best,
L.D. (Pound Ridge, NY)

My daughter results on the ACT Math and Science sections greatly improved after tutoring with Jesse Bass. Her score improved by 5 points in the science section! Jesse developed a personable rapport with my daughter and quickly identified what she needed to work on. His explanations were thorough and insightful, and my daughter enjoyed working with him.

Thanks for the referral,
L.C. (New Canaan)

Caroline Slutsky is the most amazing tutor! She is currently tutoring both of my daughters for the SAT exam and has proven to be an invaluable resource. Both girls have already improved their scores over 300 points!! Caroline’s level of professionalism, knowledge of the SAT exam, along with her top notch organizational skills exceeds the highest of standards. My daughters can now approach this exam with the highest level of confidence thanks to everything that Caroline has taught them…we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful tutor!

S.R. (Katonah, NY)

I want to thank you for recommending Kyle Nasser as a tutor for J. He received his first SAT results today and scored 800 Critical Reading, 770 Math, 800 Writing! Woohoo! He attributes his success to Kyle’s fantastic tutoring. Kyle is extremely smart and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to these tests. J says Kyle gave excellent advice. Kyle’s kind and calm demeanor was just what J needed to be able to relax and perform at best.

H.P. (Greenwich, CT)

Hi Lynn, I just wanted to pass along a thank you note – Caroline Slutsky was truly wonderful.  She helped my daughter’s scores improve tremendously on the SSATs (on the actual SSAT, she scored an 80% percentile on her math – far above where her practice scores had been when she started with Caroline and the area that needed the most improvement).

Not only was she phenomenal in helping my daughter’s scores improve dramatically, she was so professional, courteous and sensitive to my daughters workload. As the SSAT test date coincided with school exams, she was able to focus her preparation without unduly piling on the work and helping her balance SSAT prep with school demands. My daughter loved working with Caroline and so did I! Caroline is impressive and I could not recommend her more highly.

Best regards,
D.F. (Greenwich, CT)

Dear Lynn,

Just a quick email to thank you for the assistance we received from Helena Martin.

Helena came to us highly recommended by a classmate of my son’s. I was seeking a tutor to help my son prepare for the ISEE. I had explained to Helena in advance that my son is dyslexic and works at a slower pace. From the very first session, my son immediately felt comfortable and supported by Helena. Helena immediately identified his strengths and made him feel very confident about the skills he already had and how to best utilize them on the exam. Her abilty to help him navigate through an extremely long and arduous test was phenomenal.

Helena worked with my son on a weekly basis for several months and although focused and consistent, he never felt that he was under enormous pressure. Instead, he saw the time as a chance to practice, learn how to pace himself and build his confidence. Now, he is one day away from taking the exam and is feeling confident and prepared, which is exactly what we had aimed for. Regardless of his score, which I’m sure will be a good one, working with Helena was the best decision we ever made! We will most definitely be seeking Helena’s help once again when it’s time for SAT tutoring!

With Best Regards,
D.S. (Norwalk, CT)

Ken Hershey was a fantastic tutor. The structure of each tutoring session really allowed me to advance as an SAT taker and understand my performance on each individual test that I took. The constant repetition of doing a full test weekly and going over each wrong answer extensively allowed me to eventually improve over 300 points on the SAT. Ken was extremely personable and a pleasure to work with.

A.B. (Greenwich, CT)

Hey, Lynn. Just wanted to tell you that I thought Meg Doty was great and I’m very happy that my son worked with her. She was organized, reliable and always on time. It was a great connection. Thank you for the introduction!

B.L. (Larchmont, NY)

I found Ken Hershey extremely valuable in what is required for the SAT. He is a patient teacher and relates well on a personal level. He consistently communicated the material well and drastically improved my test-taking abilities. As a direct result of working with Ken, my SAT score improved by 230 points.

M.B. (Greenwich, CT)

I wanted to tell you how highly we thought of Britt [Carnegie], not just in comparison to other tutors. She was cute and bubbly and upbeat. She gave B the confidence that B needed.

S.G. (Rye, NY)

Anya Liftig was an exceptional tutor for my son J. She cared about him in a way that almost felt like family. With her dedication, brilliance, cleverness and humor, my son bonded with her and did his best work. The test results were excellent. I cannot recommend her more highly.

K.G. (Katonah, NY)

Hi [Meg Doty]!!

I’m thrilled to report that J. got a 780 on the [Chemistry] SAT II!!!!!! OMG! Awesome!! Thank you so much for all of your help! He’s so psyched.

Thank you so much for all of your work with him. Clearly, it all paid off!! I’m so, so happy for him! And, I hope you’re feeling good about it, too.

Again, thank you for everything!


B.L. (Mamaroneck, NY)

Good Morning Lynn!

Last night my son had his last session with John Naughton. I wanted to tell you that he was the perfect fit. J would look forward to his weekly tutor!!! (Have you ever heard that before)! John is so enthusiastic and made learning about history fun. The hour and a half went by so quickly all the time for my son and he learned so much.

John has a true passion for his work. He is an asset to the Carnegie Pollak team for sure!!

Thanks for the recommendation. You were right on the money!
T.L. (Katonah, NY)

After taking the SAT twice and completing [another company’s] course, I felt like my SAT prep was not improving, and I was not achieving the right scores to reach my college goals. After just two months with Ken Hershey, I felt fully prepared to take the SAT for a third time and improved tremendously, increasing my score by 240 points. Ken was an outstanding tutor and succeeded with me where others had failed.

D.C. (New York, NY)

Hi Lynn,

I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with your organization. We absolutely loved Helena Martin, who acted as a writing coach for K’s college essays. Helena is professional, pleasant to work with, and helped K produce some really wonderful essays. I’ve also noticed an overall improvement in K’s AP Lit essays/grades, which we attribute to Helena!

We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much! I wish I had known about Carnegie Pollak for my older son!

P.K. (Rye, NY)

Anya Liftig is a wonderful verbal SAT tutor. She tutored both my son and daughter two years apart in late summer/early fall. They only took the SAT once, scoring from 750 to 800. My children have different personalities, strengths, and learning/study styles. Anya easily adapted to these and made the time productive. She understands and gets along with teenagers. Both my kids respected her and wanted to excel for her.

A.H. (New Canaan, CT)


Richard Templeton came today to work with my son. My son LOVED him!! He had the biggest smile on his face when they were done because he said he felt SO much better and Rich helped him so much! He was really thrilled. The bonus is that apparently Rich also tutors for Chem AND physics! So now my son thinks he hit the jackpot!

Thank you SO much……your track record (from feedback and now my own experience) is impeccable!

N.S. (Scarsdale, NY)

My daughter applied early decision to Colgate University and got in, and she is thrilled and is going to go!!  Lee Oxman was instrumental in helping.  He suggested she switch from the SAT to the ACT, and he worked with her on the ACT. She ended up with very high scores, especially compared to the initial SAT performance.  She had a superscore of 32, with 33, 34, 33 and 26 in science.  It was enough to get her into her first choice college, and she is thrilled.

Thank you for all your help and suggesting Lee.  He was invaluable, and we are continuing to use him with our next child!

H.G. (Rye, NY)

Anya Liftig knows the ins and outs of the college process. My favorite part about having Anya as a tutor is how enthusiastic and encouraging she is. She provides just the right amount of constructive criticism, so I never feel like I lose my voice in my essays. She brings out the very best in the students she works with. Anya is resourceful beyond essays as well. My common app, resume, and list of colleges to apply to would not be as strong and well-thought-out if it weren’t for her help. The college process is a time-consuming, stressful, and challenging one. But Anya truly helped keep the process smooth for me.

G.L. (Greenwich, CT)

Thank you so much for recommending Michael Scerra to us for SAT tutoring.  Our son has really enjoyed working with Michael; he has a great knowledge of the material, and has a very patient and encouraging style of teaching that leads to outstanding results.  When my son began working with Michael, he was scoring in the mid 600 range in Math on his practice SAT exams.  My son just took his first SAT in January 2013 and earned a PERFECT 800 score in math!  We are so pleased with our son’s results that Michael will continue working with him to prepare for the Math Subject Tests and to help him with his coursework.  Thank you again for referring Michael to us, and I would strongly recommend him to any family in need of an exceptional math tutor.


Hi Kyle [Nasser],

I have some really amazing news! I got my ACT scores back, and I went up 6 points in my ACT Composite score, earning Composite Score of 30!!  This is a huge improvement on my previous ACT Composite Score of a 24.  Thank you SOOO much for all of your help!  I could not have done it without you!!  I can’t even describe to you how happy I am right now! Thank you so much Kyle!

V. S. (Greenwich, CT)

Thank you for recommending Allison Waggener. Our son and daughter enjoyed working with Allison. They both had excellent scores on their ACT exams (a 36 and a 33), as well as on their SAT exams.  Allison is patient and is proficient in her subject areas. We would recommend Allison highly to anyone looking for a great tutor.

I wanted to tell you that Dan [Bass]’s tutoring [my daughter] via Skype is working out really well- much better than either of us imagined. She is very pleased with Dan’s style, patience, knowledge and personality etc. He always spends extra time with her and she is finding the tutoring very helpful.  Hopefully, this will be a 1-shot test.  Once again, thanks so much.

Thank you so much for recommending Lee Oxman as a SAT tutor for my son. He is amazing! On the January SAT my son scored 2070 (740 Reading, 680 Math and 650 Writing). After working with Lee, his May SAT scores increased to 2300 (800 Reading, 740 Math and 760 Writing). We are so pleased! My son enjoyed working with Lee–he always came home and said that Lee challenged him, and that he learned something he didn’t know. We will certainly want Lee to work with our daughters.

A huge THANK YOU for referring us to Allison Waggener for SAT tutoring!  RP received his scores this week, and the results speak for themselves.  The sessions spent with Allison boosted RP’s score from 1390 to 1520 on Math and Reading (790M 730R) and from 630 to 730 on Writing… a total increase of 230 points!  She was able to quickly ascertain RP’s strengths and weaknesses and focus his attention on the optimal way to improve his score, and she made the most of every minute of their time together.  With her tutoring and guidance, RP’s scores improved to a level where they will not hold him back.
As I’ve mentioned before, RP has a younger sister, and when it’s her time to begin preparing for the college board tests, I intend to engage Allison right from the start!

 Jeff [Wasserman],

I have been meaning to write you to thank you for helping Johnny out.  The fact that he is willing to go and then put in the effort at home is amazing! Especially right after exams, etc. What is interesting is that you told him what his teachers have said in his report card for the last several years–but only when you said it that it seemed to resonate with him.Thank you so much, Jeff!

I just wanted to take a moment, before SAT scores come in, to thank you for referring us to Jesse Bass.  He’s been great for our son in so many ways.  He has a great way with young men–he speaks on their level–yet commands their respect and attention.  Best of all, he has been a positive influence in the short time he worked with him.

A.R. (Cos Cob, CT)

I wanted to tell you that Dan [Bass]’s tutoring [my daughter] via Skype is working out really well–much better than either of us imagined. She is very pleased with Dan’s style, patience, knowledge and personality etc. He always spends extra time with her and she is finding the tutoring very helpful.  Once again, thanks so much.

Dear Lee Oxman,

We truly can’t thank you enough for your work with C.  If you recall, he took the SAT in Jan and March and scored 670 and 680 on Math.  We came to you specifically seeking to boost his math score — and you took it through the roof!!!  We just went online to see his scores:  800 (Math), 750 (Writing), 750 (Critical Reading).  Overall, you boosted his total score by 180 points in just two months–really extraordinary.

I hope you will work with our youngest child next summer.  Again, my gratitude for “connecting” with C!

Warm regards,

K. was accepted to Georgetown!! She is over the moon excited!  Many thanks to you and your amazing staff for all your help and support! Your SAT tutors are fantastic and so supportive.  I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and clients.

Thanks again and all the best,

S.C. (New Canaan, CT)