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Thanks so much Tim [Foster], you were a huge help. K. doesn’t click with everybody but she really did with you, it really showed.

C.G. (Greenwich, CT)

Dear Mrs. O’Reilly,

We got our Biology SAT Subject Test scores back yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for being a great teacher and really helping me do my best. You have helped me come a long way as a student and I really appreciate that. When I was sitting in your first class and I received a 490 on the first practice test, I thought I had no shot in doing well. Over the next you really helped me learn a lot of information in a little amount of time. Although it required a lot of hard work, I am proud to tell you that I had achieved my goal and gotten a 700 on the test. Thank you.

J.M. (Greenwich, CT)

Hey [Jeff Wasserman and Marshall Spooner],

Just finished up the [PSAT] about 15 minutes ago and it went awesome! I remember taking it last year and felt overwhelmed with the timing and number of questions I was required to answer. But this year, I felt like I pushed through the 4 hours, not effortlessly, but with a significant amount of ease compared to last year. The math section was definitely my strong suit, as it usually is but there were some “iffy” problems on the non calculator section. The calculator section I finished with about 15 minutes of spare time, so that part went fantastic! Overall the passages in the writing were, of course, NO fun to read, but the follow up questions were not terribly difficult.

Thank you guys so much for all of the help over the past month. The course definitely prepared me to be both a better test taker, and more specifically a PSAT-taker. Looking forward to getting scores and sending them your way!

T.O. (Fairfield, CT)

Dear Mr. [Duane] Smith,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your revisions and comments on my two practice ACT Writing prompts over the summer. I am proud to say that I received an 11/12 on the writing portion of the test! Thank you again for you time and support. Without your help my score would not have been as strong!

K.G. (Darien, CT)

Hi Lynn,

I wanted to let you know that my daughter did well on her ACT, a marked improvement from before taking your [Pre-Season ACT] class [with Jeff Wasserman and Austin Lehn]. She got a composite of 31!

We are very pleased – she had months of private tutoring before we found you, and she never improved until your class.

Thanks again, and we’ll be using your classes and tutors for our other kids as well.

J.K. (Rye Brook, NY)

Lynn, thank you for your advice! Your classes helped our son win the maximum National Merit Scholarship for all four years at Northwestern.

We are so grateful!

M.C. (Riverside, CT)

[Ross Abrams and Austin Lehn],

I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are extremely grateful for your thoughtful and dedicated work with our son. Regardless of the outcome, he was well prepared for the ACT exam. He completed each section with time to spare and with confidence. Thank You Again.

Warmest Thoughts,
P.L. (Rye, NY)

Hi Marshall [Spooner] and Peter [Scotch]!

Great news for B!!! He got a 33 (up from a 26 in Dec when he took it unprepped)!!!!

We can’t thank you enough for all of your assistance…..you really have a great system with great prep materials – so glad that we made the effort to have B attend the session!!

High five to Carnegie Pollak and all of its awesome tutors – you guys are amazing!!


J.L. (Darien, CT)

John Harrison,

Thank you! The AP Gov courses do not come natural for my son, and you really helped by giving him a structured overview of the key materials. He was very happy he did the course with you. I am just happy that after these two exams all his AP tests are over…. he had five… a bit much :).

Will be back in a few years… two more to go!


L.C. (Greenwich, CT)

Dear Lynn,

Thank you for all your testing help for our boys. R was accepted early to the University of Pennsylvania and he is looking forward to the fall.

We’ve been very happy with the quality of your programs, the comprehensive nature of your offerings, and your responsiveness. Even though it was a very stressful time our boys never minded going to your classes and I would say that they often even enjoyed them. You have a talented group of teachers working for you.

Thanks again,

L.K. (Fairfield, CT)

Ms. Carnegie,

I have great news! I have accepted my admission to Yale’s Class of 2020! I am very excited about this, as I know Yale is the best fit for me.

I can’t thank you and the other Carnegie Pollak heroes enough. I really couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Mr. [John] Harrison, Rick [Columbo], Marshall [Spooner] and David [Heyman] — you guys rock.

Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the school year. We’re almost there!

Yours truly,

N.S. (Greenwich, CT)

Hi John [Harrison],

Happy Sunday!!!

Lucy looooved your [AP European History] class today and learned so much. In answer to my question, scale of 1-10, she said 12! She learned so much and she said it was really FUN!!!!

All the best!

L.S. (Katonah, NY)


Thank you thank you! My daughter so loved the ACT Blast [with Peter Scotch and Marshall Spooner]! She said that she understands now how kids who take a course have such an advantage over those that do not. The strategies she learned she could not get from a book or through practice on her own.

She went from not being able to finish the math section and knowing there were lots of problems she didn’t know how to do to being able to complete it and everything looking familiar. Knowing how to approach the Reading and Science took the mystique, therefore stress, away.

She also found the Essay assessment so helpful. She’s a good writer, so she was surprised when she found out that the practice essay she wrote was not on target. Knowing how to structure the essay and what the ACT graders are looking for makes all the difference.

R.C. (Trumbull, CT)

Hi Jeff [Wasserman],

Thank you for your tireless and enthusiastic efforts in prepping my daughter for the ACT. You really inspired her and it was lovely to see her confidence for test taking build over the last few months! Driving to New Canaan this morning, she felt encouraged and ready to slay it.

A.P. (Greenwich, CT)

Lynn, I really just want to say that your test prep team is so incredibly professional, capable but mostly committed to the students. I have felt a true partnership along the way of this insane process with you. I wanted to make sure you knew how grateful I am for your team, especially Nick [Skirkanich] and Jeff [Wasserman].

They have been more than amazing.

M.V. (Harrison, NY)

Dear Nick [Skirkanich] and Jeff [Wasserman],

I wanted to THANK YOU so very much for the time you spent with my daughter yesterday getting her caught up for the class she missed on Wednesday night. She came out feeling better prepared but also very honored to have had this private time with each of you. This is just one of the many ways Carnegie Pollak goes well above and beyond. You show that you truly care about each one of your students.

I wanted to make sure you knew that it was very much appreciated.

M.O. (Harrison, NY)

Good morning Lynn:

Just a little note to tell you how fantastic Cathy O’Reilly is. Her communications with parents are very effective, she had the students do a PRE-first class practice test to get a base line, and she is offering so many extra help sessions. Her commitment is amazing and I love her very organized approach.

I am so happy that my 9th grader M took her class and he feels very encouraged by the improvements in his scores. He crossed the 700 mark in his last practice test and was SO proud.


L.C. (Greenwich, CT)

I just wanted to thank everyone for helping my son get into his first choice school early action.

Having gone through your programs, which not only included the SAT classes, but the AP and Subject test preps we are more than satisfied. J. told me he was not only prepared in the materials he learned in school, but also material his teachers hadn’t covered. Having the instructors send emails to keep him on task and following up on progress and issues was such a help. The review classes were a great way to brush up on material in between test dates and focus on his problem areas.

Junior year was time intensive, but now that J. can reap the rewards, it was so worth it.

We will definitely be touching base for his AP exams for the spring.

Thank you,
V.G. (Fairfield, CT)

Hi Lynn,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on Rob Pollak after observing his class on Sunday. He was such a breath of fresh air! He knew the test inside and out, and he was very relatable as a teacher. He emphasized a collaborative atmosphere and active participation. I feel like the students really enjoyed him (as much as they can enjoy a Sunday morning SAT class!) and I just wanted to give you this positive feedback!

Great addition to the team!!

[a Carnegie Pollak tutor]


You and your team are the best!

As anyone who knows me knows — I am highly opinionated. And, in my opinion, Carnegie Pollak provides excellent academic guidance and support.

A.K. (Darien, CT)


A huge thank you for encouraging us to enroll C. in your prep classes. SAT scores were posted today and she got a 2310 — 760 in reading, 750 in math, 800 in writing. I think that’s pretty awesome, and we are really grateful to Bud [Pollak] and Rick [Columbo], who not only made this rather painless, but infused some fun into it.

J.M. (Larchmont, NY)

Hi Austin [Lehn],

I took the ACT prep class during the week of August 18th, and I received my scores back from the September testing date. My composite score was a 31, which I am very pleased about! Thank you to you and Jeff [Wasserman] for helping me perfect my ACT skills and giving me so much study material to work with and useful test-taking techniques, I really appreciate it and it all paid off!

Thanks so much,

G.B. (Westport, CT)


I do have friends with younger kids and I am always saying that for prep testing they must give you a shot. You as an owner took the time to speak with me (for almost an hour the first time) and countless times after that. Before this roller coaster started, I wasn’t sure what I was in for, and you truly made it easier. Excellent customer service is so important and overlooked these days, especially in the world of technology. Us old folks like to speak to human beings, at least in the beginning.

Thanks again for everything!

N.G. (Riverside, CT)


If I could hand out awards, in addition to the incredible business you have developed from the ground up, it would be for the fastest customer response of ALL companies. Move over AMAZON. You are laser fast— with your responses. If I did not know better I would think you had some automatic system in place. Remarkable. I cannot imagine how many emails you must get a day!


C.G. (Darien, CT)

Hi Mr. [Rick] Piotrzkowski,

I got a 5 on the AP exam! I couldn’t be happier with my score and your course played a crucial in helping achieve it. I thought the packets you made from old AP exams organized by topic were extremely beneficial.

Thank you so much,
C.G. (Westport, CT)

Duane Smith was incredibly helpful in preparing my daughter for the SAT Critical Reading section. He was able to express his knowledge of the test in an extremely understandable manner. He was calm yet motivating and supportive. After just a few sessions with him, my daughter strengthened her skills and the strategies he provided made her feel confident. Her score went from the mid-600s to an 800. She couldn’t have been more thrilled and is so grateful to have found Duane.

D.S. (Cortlandt Manor, NY)

My son said that the Math Level 2 class with Marshall Spooner was the “single most helpful class I have ever taken.” He got a 730 on the practice test. Thank you!!

E.D. (Bronxville, NY)

Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for allowing my daughter to join in the AP World History review with David Heyman. The instructor was great and made an impression on her. She would be running at the mouth when she left class, telling me all that she had learned.

She is now studying for the SAT II in World History. The class that you provided has made her confident in taking this too.

I have had such great experience with Carnegie Pollak that I am telling everyone in Rye!!

Thank you!

J.M. (Rye, NY)

Hey Mr. [John] Harrison,

I would like to thank you for your excellent teaching in the [AP European History] review class. It helped me out a lot. I took the AP yesterday and thought I did pretty well……

Thank you again, I will make sure to tell you my score once I learn it, and I hope to remain in contact with you because you are a great teacher and I may need your help for APUSH……

L.B. (Rye, NY)

My daughter thought that Tim Foster was a fantastic teacher and that his course was extremely helpful in preparing for the AP Environmental Science exam.

M.C. (Rowayton, CT)

My daughter feels uncomfortable bragging about her scores, but I am so delighted, I wanted to write and tell you!

We accomplished what we set out to do–her reading went up 140 points from the PSAT; her math went up 50 points and her writing went up 30. I am THRILLED with her scores and really THANK YOU, Richard Columbo and Marek Beck so very, very much. I am grateful she had this opportunity and that you have such excellent instructors.

A.D. (Greenwich, CT)

Dear Mr. [John] Harrison,

Thank you so much for all of your help with AP European History. The exam on Friday went well for me, thanks to all of your instruction about the DBQ’s and Multiple Choice! I learned so much in your classes, and I feel it prepared me so well for the test!

Thank you again!
M.M. (Cos Cob, CT)

Dear Cathy [O’Reilly],
I’m so happy to hear that D. has been both conscientious and respectful in your class. He has mentioned on multiple occasions that he is very grateful to have the opportunity to take this class with you as his teacher.  You have a talent for presenting the material in a clear and concise manner which has allowed him to learn many things that he wouldn’t have learned otherwise.  He is very confident and calm going into this test [Biology SAT Subject Test], thanks to you.
Thank you again for reaching out to us and for sharing your talents. We’re hoping that he can take another class with you in the future 🙂
L.K. (New Canaan, CT)

Marek Beck was an exceptional verbal teacher. Both the classes and his weekly check-in emails were incredibly valuable and encouraging. He helped us individualize and streamline our study efforts, and was always available to answer questions. I ended up with an 800 on both Critical Reading and Writing, and needless to say it was due in large part to Marek’s guidance.

S.D. (Greenwich, CT)

Hi [Rick Piotrzkowski],

I got a 730. I thought the course was great. Thanks so much for all your help!

A.M. (Rye, NY)

Hi Lynn,

We are thrilled with the SAT scores that my daughter just received. She made a nice jump in reading and had a dramatic increase in the math score over her PSAT. She received 710 for reading, 700 for math, and 680 for writing. The 700 and math was the highest she ever got on any practice test, and her PSAT was 56.

So I wanted to let you know that the course worked out really well for us, and it is such a relief not to have to worry as much as we head into her senior year. I wish we are had taken the same approach with our two older boys. We have one more younger one in seventh grade, so you’ll be seeing us again in the future. Thank you very much and thanks to [Rob Brown] who taught her courses.

L.V. (Ridgefield, CT)

Hi Lynn,

My son got his SAT scores back:

Critical Reading 740
Math 800
Writing 730

Bud Pollak and Austin Lehn did an amazing job getting him prepared! They went out of their way to spend extra time with him through phone calls and help after class and were genuinely concerned about his performance.

Thanks again for all your continued help!

L.D. (Ridgefield, CT)

Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to thank you again for having J be a part of your program this winter. His teachers [Rob Brown] were terrific–it’s such a personalized program. Please know I will recommend it at every opportunity I have. The postponed test was unfortunate, but the instructors have kept in touch, and I can’t stress enough, in such a personal way. It’s such a pleasure. But, most importantly, J was able to get his math score up to near (or hopefully at) perfect, and also bring up his lagging English score–we are so pleased with the results.

Best to you,

K.O. (New Canaan, CT)

Hi Dan [Record]!

I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you about the [Physics] subject test, which I heard about on the 26th. I got a 690, which I am very happy with (especially considering where I began!) Thank you again for not only the excellent course, but also the extra help and encouragement I needed to keep with the test despite its initial difficulty.


C.C. (Stamford, CT)

Lynn— I know I have never told you this before but Rick [Columbo] is the best. 🙂 The kids adore him and he always goes the extra mile to help. He really cares and it comes through. I noticed C wrote little notes on the score sheet (thinking he could influence his grader— Rick). Didn’t work but cute idea.

My experience with Rick/Carnegie Pollak has been wonderful and I am very happy we made the decision to go with Carnegie Pollak!

C.B. (Darien, CT)

Hey Dave [Heyman] and Austin [Lehn],

I just got my scores: a 34 on reading, a 35 on writing, a 35 on science and a 36 on math! I just wanted to say thank you for all the help. Your class was awesome!

C.B. (New Canaan, CT)

Thanks so much for all your help, Rick [Columbo]!

He really did like your class and said it was painless and “Actually Fun.” M started the class with low confidence fearing the SAT process would be grueling and, thanks to you, was more than pleasantly surprised and achieved great results! We are referring many friends to you.

Thanks again for all your help and support!

L.G. (Greenwich, CT)

Hey Austin [Lehn],

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I just received my PSAT scores, and thanks to your help I scored a 76 in Math. I know for a fact that this score is a direct result of your help, so I just wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for your effort and time.

Thank you,

R.C. (Wilton, CT)

Cathy [O’Reilly] and Lynn,

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your Bio SAT 2 class was efficient & comprehensive preparation for the test. It was a great first experience for us at Carnegie-Pollak, and we will definitely be back for more (for both daughters)!

You provide a valuable service, and we are so grateful to have had access to it.

Have a great summer!

T.V. (Bedford, NY)

Hi Marshall [Spooner],

C. got a lot out of the class and really enjoyed having you as her teacher. She says you are “funny, awesome, a great teacher”! Just thought you should know. Thank you for all your effort.

J.C. (Rye, NY)

My other daughter T. went from a 26 to a 32 by taking your ACT blast course- thank you!!

S.M. (Darien, CT)

Let me take the opportunity to tell you how OUTSTANDING John Harrison is. J attended the first review class for AP Government last night and came home saying he has never learned more in 2 1/2 hours than he did then. M was full of praise too, but coming from J is a whole other thing. Hats off to him…seriously!!!

T.K. (Old Greenwich, CT)

Dear Lynn,

I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to sign up for the PSAT course. Rick Columbo and Bud Pollak were fantastic teachers and I’m glad I got to know them before the SAT course. I was thrilled to become a National Merit Finalist but I am even more thrilled to let you know I am one of the scholarship winners! I couldn’t have done it without your program. Thank you so much!

K.C. (Cos Cob, CT)

Hello Mr. [Rick Piotrzkowski],

First off, thank you so much for helping me, I really feel like you prepared me very well. I got a 740. Thanks so much!!!!!

S.K. (Rye Brook, NY)

Marshall Spooner,

I trust you got K’s detailed feedback! She found incredible value in your course and teachings. She recited several examples tonight of problems on the test that she had not yet learned at Darien High School, but she was able to work through those problems with skills that she learned from you. Thank you for being the very best. I give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best, H.P. (Darien, CT)

Hey Marshall (Spooner), I got an 800 on the Math Level 2 Subject Test! Thanks so much for all your help this year.  I’d call an 800 on SAT Math and an 800 on Math Level 2 a success!  Thank you again!

K.W. (Greenwich, CT)

Our daughter received outstanding scores on her first try at the SATs. The Carnegie Pollak classes and one-on-one coaching were definitely a factor, and we could not be more pleased. Bud Pollak and Rob Brown were terrific in the classroom. Many Thanks!

L.C. (Pound Ridge, NY)

S. took the SAT course with Bud Pollak and Rob Brown and then took the SAT in March. Her scores were solid but she wanted to do better (she got 800 in Writing, 760 in Math, and 680 in Reading).

She had decided to take the ACT test (for the heck of it, really) in April, and didn’t study AT ALL. Miraculously, she got a 35! She was shocked. She thinks the SAT course she took definitely prepped her well for this ACT test, and feels she would not have done nearly as well had she not taken the SAT class.

H.S. (Larchmont, NY)

R. will be attending UMass Amherst in the Fall. He was also accepted into their honors college. He will be studying Engineering. He was also accepted to UConn, Northeastern, and Boston University.

Also, I know his SAT scores of 2120 helped him get into his choice of colleges. Thank you again to Duane Smith and Amelia Clark for helping him reach that. Especially his writing score, which was a 780!

Thank you again.


Wow! David Heyman must be spectacular. K. got so much out of the class last night. She was so energized and couldn’t stop talking about what she learned. As always, thank you. The response from my kids regarding Carnegie Pollak courses continues to be really positive.

M.B. (Rye, NY)

Our daughter received outstanding scores on her first try at the SATs.  The Carnegie Pollak classes and one-on-one coaching were definitely a factor and we could not be more pleased.  Bud Pollak and Rob Brown were terrific in the classroom, and Anya Liftig was completely knowledgeable in both the material and strategies of the test.  Many Thanks! -L.C. (Pound Ridge, NY)

C. is going to Dickenson College and her ACT score helped qualify her for a $30k scholarship from the school!

I’ll be back with you again with her younger sister. Thanks, J.S. (Port Chester, NY)

ACT Blast with David Heyman and Austin Lehn

We want to thank you for the time and dedication you put into these courses.  While we can’t speak for everyone, our experience from both a parent and student perspective was stellar.  N remained engaged throughout the process and really enjoyed speaking with Bud [Pollak] on a weekly basis.  My hat off to you for making a difference in our children’s lives – you should be very proud of what you do each day.

All the best, A.L.S. (Rye, NY)

Hi Lynn,

I wanted to share with you the great news on R.G.’s PSAT scores.  He scored a total of 227, with a 70 in Critical Reading, 80 in Math, and 77 in Writing.  These scores are a 52 point  increase from his PSAT last year, where he scored 58 in reading, 59 in math, and 58 in writing.   Please pass this on to Peter Scotch and Austin Lehn, who were his PSAT teachers. Robert is thrilled at the results.  I was glad that he went into the PSAT feeling confident and prepared.

Thanks again! A.G. (Greenwich, CT)

Dear Bud (Pollak) and Elise (Ryan),

I just wanted to let you know that I am a National Merit Semifinalist. Thanks so much again for all of your help on the PSAT; I really appreciate everything you did. You guys are awesome!

G.Z. (Riverside, CT)

I just got my January SAT scores back, and they jumped 280 points!  My December SAT scores were 1800 (680 in Math, 550 in Writing and 570 in Critical Reading).  In January, I got a 2080 with 710 in Math, 720 in Writing, and 650 for Critical Reading.

Thanks for all the help.

M.S. (Harrison, NY)

Thank you so much for your comprehensive SAT and ACT prep courses.  Our daughter’s SAT instructors, Jeff [Wasserman] and Rick [Columbo], were terrific and were continuously available to her for questions and encouragement.  Austin [Lehn] and David [Heyman] did a great job with the ACT Blitz course.  Our daughter said that both courses really helped her approach studying in such an organized and manageable way that she felt very prepared going into both exams.  The proof, of course, is in the results — 700 on the Writing, 710 on the Critical Reading, and 760 on the Math.  Her composite score on the ACT was 34!

Thank you again, L.M.

David Heyman has made a weeknight AP World review course interesting and fun! Our son M. not only enjoys going, he looks forward to the classes and says the time flies when he is there! He says he has learned more in the last few weeks than in the entire school year! We are so thrilled, knowing M. will be well prepared for the test! Bravo to David for being an outstanding teacher!

K.S. (Harrison, NY)

Dear Lynn,

Thank you for making room in your Sunday morning review class in U. S. History with Bruce Desandre.  My son actually enjoyed the review sessions and found Bruce to be a very engaging teacher.  The test results speak for themselves:  AP 5; SAT II 800.

Thank you for providing this excellent service.

Dear Austin [Lehn] and Marshall [Spooner],

As some of you know, although I was really happy with my January SAT score, I decided to take the SAT again in May because I thought I could improve my math score.  I got my score back today – 2400!  I am beyond happy, and wanted to share the good news, because all of your help made that score a possibility.  Each one of you taught me somewhere along the way, whether it was in a PSAT or SAT class, and I thank you all for helping me achieve the perfect score!

Thanks so much, C.T.

Dear Lynn:

My daughter came bursting through the door on Monday night after her first AP World History prep class and declared: “Mom, that was the best money you ever spent!”  She was absolutely ecstatic about the course and the teacher David Heyman.  It was amazing to see such enthusiasm following a full day of classes, a golf match, dinner on the run, and two and a half hours of World History!  From my perspective, the best outcome was that she is now eager to take the subject test in World History.

Please be sure to share this feedback with David Heyman. Not only is he keeping the students’ interest for two and a half hours, he is also building their confidence and enthusiasm for what is, for many, their first AP exam.

Thanks again, J.K.

Hi Austin Lehn and Bud Pollak,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with the SATs.  Austin, getting an 800 in Math was awesome!  Those killer packets and plug-in-number strategies were great practice and I did not have any surprises during the test.

Bud, I can honestly say I learned more grammar in the ten weeks of your course than I did in the last eleven years of school.  You were terrific at motivating me and getting me to study “vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary.”

Thanks again for making the SATs less stressful. – J.S.

Hey Marshall [Spooner],

I thought the test went better than I expected it to be. With math, I felt like I knew how to approach every single question I saw. I believe 9 out of your 10 hints were on the test. The only thing I didn’t use was the hippity hop (I was upset no bunny). But I think the extra helps and just doing as many problems as I could really helped me.

Thanks, D.S.

Cathy O’Reilly was extremely helpful for [my son]. He pulled out a 750 which is not bad for someone who can’t slow down on a test to save his life! She was also extremely organized, communications went to the parents as well as the kids and very flexible which was wonderful.

M.B. (Rye, NY)

Hey Austin [Lehn],

So turns out I didn’t make any of those stupid mistakes on the math section for the SATs! I got an 800!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! J.M.

Dear Lynn and Marshall [Spooner],

Last night, my son J came home from his final SAT2 class, he was literally  grinning from ear-to-ear. Yes, he had had a practice test score of 800 and that is terrific! But what I liked most was he was soaring with confidence.

J is a confident kid in general, but he was practically giddy last night, he looked like a massive weight had been taken off of his shoulders. So thanks for the higher score of course. But thanks even more so for building my son’s confidence, it is a true gift!

All the best, G.B.

Austin Lehn,

I would like to thank you so much for the preparation that you gave me for the math SAT. With your help on the challenging “killer” packets, I earned a 750 with only two questions wrong!  I would recommend this course to anyone because you help every student succeed significantly.

Thanks again! D.N.


Thanks for all your assistance over the years.  The good news for us is that [my son] scored well and was accepted early to Dartmouth.  He was just notified that he is a National Merit Finalist.  He took the SAT twice as his calculator didn’t work the first time he took them and he didn’t like his 690 in math.  So he got 800 both times on the Critical Reading, Math 690 then 770 and Writing 740 to 760.  I think Rick and all your staff helped – no question.

Best from a proud father,


SAT Course with Rick Columbo

Hey Marshall [Spooner]

I felt really confident on the math sections. I thought the easy problems were really easy, and the harder ones were extremely manageable if you plugged in numbers. Thank you so much for all the help these past 10 weeks!

p.s. There was one question in particular that I looked at and immediately felt bad for kids who didn’t have you and wouldn’t think to plug in numbers.


My oldest son took your course to improve his first SAT scores.  The second time around he scored a perfect 800 in Math and dramatically improved in writing and reading as well!!  Needless to say, I enrolled my second child BEFORE he even took the SAT for first time and was very pleased with his scores as well.

I can’t say enough about your program… the results we got simply speak for themselves!  I would suggest this course to anyone and everyone.  Totally worth it! A.K.

Hi John Harrison,

My daughter was in your Sunday afternoon class. She enjoyed your class and teaching style and is convinced you are the best history teacher in the world.

Thanks, C.B. (Greenwich, CT)

SB received a 730 on the SAT Biology Subject test. We are thrilled! Your course was a significant factor. Many thanks!!!

N.B. (Greenwich, CT)


Thank you for your help in math!!!! My score went from a 680 to a 750!  I am so happy and so grateful for your help.

Thank you again, M.R.

SAT Subject Test, Math Level 2 Course with Marshall Spooner